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Korean Terminology
Chul Sa Line Up
Cha Rutt Attention
Kyung Yet Bow
Mook Yum Meditate
Choon Bee Ready Position
Par Row Return to Ready Position
Say Jak Begin
Go Mon Stop
Doe Rha Turn 90 Degrees
Dee Row Doe Rha Turn 180 Degrees
Ee Dee Wha Come Here
An Jo Sit Down
E La Sutt Stand up
Balee Balee Hurry
Shee Yoe Rest
Ko Yo Han Quiet
General Terms 
TaeKwon-Do Foot & Hand Fighting Art
Sa Bum Nim Honorable Teacher
Kwan Jung Nim Head of Organization/Style
Do Jang Where the "Way" is Taught
Con Sa Hom Nee Dha Thank You for Teaching
Co Mop Sim Nee Dha Thanks
Chun Mon A Yoe You're Welcome
Mee On Hom Nee Dha I am Sorry
Nha Yes
Ahn Nee Yoe No
Sa Bum Teacher
Jeja Student
Dan Degree (Black Belt)
Gup Grade (Color Belt)
1 ... Hana 1st ... Il
2 ... Dool 2nd ... Ee
3 ... Set 3rd ... Sam
4 ... Net 4th ... Sa
5 ... Da Sut 5th ... Oh
6 ... Ya Sut 6th ... Yook
7 ... Eel Gob 7th ... Chil
8 ... Yuh Dul 8th ... Pal
9 ... Ah Hap 9th ... Koo
10 ... Yul 10th ... Ship
Ha Don Low Section/Level
Choong Don Middle Section/Level
Son Don High Section/Level
Sul Technique
Pon Tay Reverse
Chirigee Punch
Pon Tay Chirigee Reverse Punch
So Gee Stance
Ap So Gee Front Stance
Foo Gul So Gee Back Stance
Kee Ma So Gee Sitting Stance
Ko Chung So Gee Fixed Stance
Makee Block
Pal Moke Makee (Outer) Forearm Block
Ahn Pal Moke Makee Inner Forearm Block
Huke Yo Pal Moke Makee Rising Block
Cha Gee Kick
Ap Cha Gee Front Kick
Yup Cha Gee Side Kick
Tollyo Cha Gee Turning Kick
Pon Tay Tollyo Cha Gee Reverse Turning Kick
Other Basic Terms 
Dare Ee On Sparring
Il Bo Dare Ee On One-Step Sparring
Ee Bo Dare Ee On Two-Step Sparring
Sam Bo Dare Ee On Three-Step Sparring
Cha U Dare Ee On Free Sparring
Ho Shin Self Defense
Hyel Do Vital Point
Tong Hyel Pressure Point (Pain)
Ma Hyel Pressure Point (Paralysis)
Sa Hyel Pressure Point (Lethal)
Kwan Jyel Sul Joint Manipulation Tech.
Hyung Pattern/Form
Tul Pattern/Form
Poomse Pattern/Form
Doe Boke Uniform
Dhee Belt
Chul Hak Philosophy
Hwa Blossom; Flower
Rang Youth; Young Gentlemen
Ji Pang E Cane
Tahn Bong Short Stick
Jung Bong Middle Staff
Jang Bong Long Staff
Won Circle Theory


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